Creativity and Innovation Management in Higher Education


Trendhuis has over 20 years of experience in research, strategic consulting and communication. We inspire companies, organizations, governments and people based on insights into trends. 

We are strong in three areas:

Trends & research
Change and innovation always starts with understanding of the evolving world around us.  The experienced trend researchers of Trendhuis capture new trends on the basis of qualitative and quantitative market research. This includes deskresearch, online and offline surveys, in-depth interviews, data-analyses, (trend)reporting and other techniques.

Strategy & Advice
Based on trend research we map out future scenarios. Together with our clients or partners, we develop, test and adapt concepts that fulfill specific needs. These future scenarios are translated into concrete and practical action points that answer the proposed research questions.

Communication & Tools
Online or offline, we reach our target audience with inspiring content and useful tools. We bring concepts to life with creative design and compelling content. We are experienced in social media, offline and online magazines, website building, community management, etc.

We always develop our new concepts with attention to sustainable progress and social value. For this we believe building strategic partnerships is essential. In its relationships with clients as well as with society itself, Trendhuis aims at a connection with the human aspect at its core.

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