Creativity and Innovation Management in Higher Education


The German Institute for Adult Education – Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE) is funded by the government and the Federal States. It conducts research in the field of adult teaching and learning, continuing education programmes and institutions, as well as on political and institutional contexts of lifelong learning.

DIE research and development covers several paramount socially relevant issues, e.g.: How can continuing education systems enhance participation and competences and reduce social disparities? How can continuing education institutions be organised and managed to be pedagogically efficient? How can continuing education programmes be tailored to meet needs and demands? How does teaching, learning and counselling work in adult and continuing education? How can our scientific services support and facilitate research activities?


  • conducts application-relevant and fundamental research,
  • provides a transfer of knowledge and infrastructure for research,
  • develops innovative concepts for practitioners,
  • and advises stakeholders of national and international continuing education policy.

The institute’s research and its research-based services support the development of both continuing education science as well as practice and politics in the field of adult education. Hence, the DIE is equally geared to the needs of continuing education research and practice and pursues a periodical research strategy. This systematic cycle includes the identification of essential and current issues in science, politics and practice of continuing education and lifelong learning, the study of these issues and disclosure of the findings as well as the testing and implementation in the field, or provision of permanent infrastructural services.

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