The CIM Project at the 11th REVEAL Conference

The 11th REVEAL conference took place at the end of April – for the second time as an online event. Organised by the CIM project and the projects T4S Europe and T4SD, the motto of the conference was: Sustainability as the key to innovation.

A combination of innovative approaches to implementing sustainability in educational institutions, organisations and businesses.

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The CIM Project at the 10th REVEAL Conference

At the beginning of December, the CIM project was involved in the performance and design of the 10th REVEAL conference. The conference, which took place entirely online over two days, was dedicated to the central theme – creativity, innovation and digitalisation at the interface between education, volunteering and business. As one of the key elements, the conference was dedicated to the possibilities of online communication and collaboration to create ideas and innovations which fits almost seamlessly with the CIM approach.

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